Wingshooting Adventures

Wingshooting Adventures has over 30 years of experience in the “Sport of Kings.” Every serious shot gunner should consider partaking in the opportunity to enjoy our driven bird shoot adventures in Scotland, Hungary and Bolivia. We will satisfy the most discriminating gunner. The cuisine and accommodations on our adventures are excellent and reflect the best of each country where we are shooting.
Old school classic shoots with the traditions and
honor truly reminiscent of the


Custom and Collectible Firearms

Jack J. Jansma has been importing custom made
double guns from Arrieta, Dave McKay Brown, and
other fine scatterguns  from around the world. If
you are looking to improve your gunrack, Jack has
the stuff that can do a great job!! We have many guns in stock and ready for delivery.


Wingshooting Adventures


9516 Taft Street

Coopersville, Michigan 49404

Phone: (616) 837-9000

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We look forward to speaking with you!






Manufacturer          Model            Gauge              Price              Photos


Arrieta                           Uplander              .410                  $6,450.00

Armi                              Salvanelli               12                   $5,950.00

Arrieta                           2 inch                     12                   $5,950.00

Belgium                        Browning                20                    $3,450.00



   * There are 2 sequentially numbered Arrieta  .410 guns  available  - a matched
        pair! Call for details! (Price and pictures of pair to come . . . )


** Sold, but there are a couple more Brownings available and they are priced at
        $2,260. Call for details! (Pictures to come . . . )